Things that made me smile this past week:

1. Recalling my little girl who danced at her first ballet recital last week. It was cute and sweet as she danced on a big stage in her ballet costume and stopped her routine to try to wave to us. I hate to dote on my own kids, but it was a year of hard work of bringing her to her weekly ballet class and nice to see a “result” at the end of the year. Granted it was only 45 minutes, but I had to dress her, put her hair in a bun (harder than it looks!), drag S there, keep him entertained while she was in class, rush home,  and get dinner ready quickly. Looking forward to next year!

2. I really want to try the top 2 ramen from Singapore from the Ramen Rater’s Top 10 Instant Noodles. Reminded me of my ramen-eating days whenever I visited Taiwan. I’d eat them as a “snack” late at night, or worse, for breakfast!

3. My mom’s visit last week. It’s always nice to have her come and visit. She cooked up a storm and stocked my fridge for days. It was a nice break.

4. Our local farmers market opened up its season this past week. It was fun to see and buy fresh local produce. We scored some really tasty pita bread from Best Bread Baking Company. E ate them for 4 meals straight over a span of 2 days. She asked me to go buy more today.

5. Waking up at the crack of dawn to go exercise at the gym is no fun. However, I am starting to recognize the same people. It’s nice that this one lady greets me every single time she sees me now while she works out on her machine. Genuine friendliness- we need more of this in this world today.

Happy Friday, everyone!

The Lean Green Bean

So I participated for the first time in the Lean Green Bean’s Foodie Penpals Program this past month. Basically, after finding out the dietary preferences of the other person, I sent someone a food package worth about $15 and someone else sent me another package. It felt like Christmas. H eagerly watched me open my package from Alexis at Lexi Bites. He was as excited as I was to find out what was inside.

DSC_0347Here’s what was in the box:

Sans Sucre Chocolate Fudge Brownie Mix– This looks delicious and healthy. Can it be true? Low in sugar and fat?! Can’t wait to bake this for the family.

BBQ flavored Popchips– If you have never tried this, then you must. It’s a great alternative to BBQ flavored potato chips. I love Popchips (so do my kids)!

Ines Rosales Rosemary and Thyme Savory Olive Oil Tortas– These were awesome! I liked these by themselves even though it says you can serve these with cheese. You can really taste the rosemary, thyme, and olive oil.

10 Minutes Farro from Trader Joe’s– Can’t believe I live so close to Trader Joe’s and have never tried this!

Justin’s Organic Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups– Divine! I love peanut butter and chocolate.

Duplo Chocolate Bar– Chocolate, wafer, hazelnut cream. Need I say more? Yum.

Raw Honey from Y.S. Eco Bee Farms– This is like a gourmet candy. I can eat this by the spoonfuls.

Like Alexis said in her card from her package, it truly was a nice mix of “sweet and savory,” “healthy and sinful.” It was a great first experience! Thanks, Alexis!


Things that made me smile this week:

1. Watching my little girl dance at her ballet stage rehearsals in her recital costume. Another ballet mom told me how she cried her eyes out at her eldest daughter’s first ballet recital. Now I can understand why. Looking forward to her recital next week!

2. Looking at a picture of the Cinderella castle from Magic Kingdom at Disney World. I know, I’m a kid at heart. Growing up on the west coast, I’ve frequented Disneyland. It was my first time to Disney World and I loved it. I can’t wait to go back. My husband thinks I’m crazy.

3. My new baby came home this week! I am loving it in my house! (Not an actual baby, but a piano. :))

4. I added a new place I want to eat at the next time I travel. Although it’s a bit far, I do miss my dear friend L who lives there. She has been an inspiration and a great encouragement to me.

5. I am a fan of anything hazelnuts and chocolate. My thoughtful friend B came over with a box of chocolate rochers from Fauchon this week. They were divine. My kids thought so, too.

Things that made me smile this week:

1. The rain. It washed away a good amount of pollen outside last night. Pollen count has been record high for the past few days around here in Atlanta. It’s scary to go outside because everything was (and is again today) covered in a film of yellow pollen. Ugh.

2. The possibility of replacing the velvety texture of chocolate with fruit juice instead of fat sounds almost too-good-to-be-true. I want some of that. right. now.

3. Thinking about my the looks on my kids’ faces when we visit “the happiest place on earth” soon.

4. Completing my 4 mile run this morning when I completely didn’t feel like even waking up nor moving my body.

5. Reconnecting with an old high school friend this week. I talked on the phone for 1.5 hours! I don’t think I’ve talked that long on the phone in a long time.

Happy Friday!

Things that made me smiled this week:

1. Realizing that I’ll never be a perfect parent and that it’s ok.

2. H brought home my fave bbq from Heirloom on our wedding anniversary. I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of the rack of pork ribs and the beef brisket.

3. To celebrate our anniversary some more, we are going to this next week. Hope to meet him! I’m super excited.

4. I want to eat some of this red bean pie from McDonald’s in Hong Kong. What a great idea! Now if Starbucks can get these over here in the US, I’ll be really happy. Yum… Green tea frapuccino with red beans.

5. My little S is starting to sing this week. Yes, he now tries to sing all the kiddie songs he’s been hearing for the past 2.5 years of his life like a record player.

Happy Friday!


Have you ever bought green onions and by the time you want to use them, they are all slimy on the outside because they have been sitting in your fridge for too long?

I have.

I often buy a bunch of them when they go on sale at our local Asian supermarket. I know, you’re not really saving THAT much when it comes down to it, but how can you resist when they are five bunches for a $1 compared to  $.79 for one bunch?! I can’t.

Green onions are so versatile and add great flavor. I use green onions frequently in Asian cooking. Just to name a few uses: as garnishes, in marinades, in stir-fry dishes.

I have found that it saves me so much time and hassle if I cut them up and freeze them when I come home from the store. This way, when I need them for a dish or a marinade, I just grab however much I need from the freezer. No more going to the fridge to find rotting green onions or having to get my cutting board out if I just need a little bit.


It’s easy. Here’s how:

When you come home with your freshly-purchased green onions, pick out any wilted parts. Wash all of the green onion bunches in water. Let them dry on a long paper towel on the counter, go and do other things like mope around the house. When they are dry, chop them up to your desired size. Place in a freezer bag and freeze. That’s it! You’ll only have to wash your cutting board once for all of that green onions you bought!


My first post! Woohoo! I am excited to begin this blog. Thanks for reading! 🙂

A little about me as an introduction in addition to my “About” page.

I currently love:

1. Anything crunchy. I am into unsalted roasted almonds these days. I love the ones that come in little packages from Trader Joe’s called “Just a Handful.” They are great for on-the-go.

2. Sweets. I’m trying to be “good” and not indulge in too much of these. I dig anything chocolate-y. These days I just indulge on desserts with my eyes on Pinterest.

3. Big, juicy, Fuji apples with skin-on. (I try to buy organic ones when I can so I don’t feel bad about eating pesticides. Read this if you are not familiar with the “Dirty Dozen.”)

4. Lara Bars, especially Chocolate Cookie Dough. This satisfies my sweet tooth.

5. Almond butter

6. Roasted kobacha squash

7. Coffee. I like to drink my black.

8. Coffee milk tea with coffee jelly. Although these days, I’m trying to limit this indulgence, too.

9. Anything tomato-y like homemade salsa or gazpacho

10. Seafood especially amaebi, salmon sashimi, smoked salmon, shrimp, lobster

11. Coconut anything

12. To travel! 15 countries for now and hopefully more in the future! There are many more places I want to see. I love trying out local eats.

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