Happy Friday List

Things that made me smile this past week:

1. Recalling my little girl who danced at her first ballet recital last week. It was cute and sweet as she danced on a big stage in her ballet costume and stopped her routine to try to wave to us. I hate to dote on my own kids, but it was a year of hard work of bringing her to her weekly ballet class and nice to see a “result” at the end of the year. Granted it was only 45 minutes, but I had to dress her, put her hair in a bun (harder than it looks!), drag S there, keep him entertained while she was in class, rush home,  and get dinner ready quickly. Looking forward to next year!

2. I really want to try the top 2 ramen from Singapore from the Ramen Rater’s Top 10 Instant Noodles. Reminded me of my ramen-eating days whenever I visited Taiwan. I’d eat them as a “snack” late at night, or worse, for breakfast!

3. My mom’s visit last week. It’s always nice to have her come and visit. She cooked up a storm and stocked my fridge for days. It was a nice break.

4. Our local farmers market opened up its season this past week. It was fun to see and buy fresh local produce. We scored some really tasty pita bread from Best Bread Baking Company. E ate them for 4 meals straight over a span of 2 days. She asked me to go buy more today.

5. Waking up at the crack of dawn to go exercise at the gym is no fun. However, I am starting to recognize the same people. It’s nice that this one lady greets me every single time she sees me now while she works out on her machine. Genuine friendliness- we need more of this in this world today.

Happy Friday, everyone!


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