Happy Friday List

Things that made me smiled this week:

1. Realizing that I’ll never be a perfect parent and that it’s ok.

2. H brought home my fave bbq from Heirloom on our wedding anniversary. I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of the rack of pork ribs and the beef brisket.

3. To celebrate our anniversary some more, we are going to this next week. Hope to meet him! I’m super excited.

4. I want to eat some of this red bean pie from McDonald’s in Hong Kong. What a great idea! Now if Starbucks can get these over here in the US, I’ll be really happy. Yum… Green tea frapuccino with red beans.

5. My little S is starting to sing this week. Yes, he now tries to sing all the kiddie songs he’s been hearing for the past 2.5 years of his life like a record player.

Happy Friday!

    • I know… I’ve read that recently. Hopefully he’ll still be around here- hopping between the two places.

  1. karen s said:

    aww, happy anniversary! we loved your cookies & ribs recipe…

  2. nora said:

    happy anniversary! 🙂

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